You can place an order request any time, with pick up or drop off coordinated as needed.

We offer FREE delivery for orders over $20 in the San Antonio metro area.

Be sure to also visit us in person at the following events! Details about special products are always posted on our Facebook page!

Special orders placed at least 24 hours in advance can often be ready for pick up and payment at all events.

We can be found every weekend at the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market

–Saturday from 9-1 (in front of Bakery Lorraine)

–Sunday 10-2 (in front of the Twig Bookstore)

–First Thursdays 4-8 (resuming March 7, 2019)

Starting March 20th we can be found at the Freiheit Village Farmers Market

–Wednesday from 3-7

–Wednesdays we deliver to New Braunfels! We can deliver in NB Wednesdays before 1pm or after 730pm! Place your order before 8pm on Tuesdays, starting March 19th!

Any changes to the schedule will be noted here.